you need to write a two paged analysis of how the book ” gilgamesh ” by david ferry ( which is like a 60 page book with barely any words on it, will take less than an hour probably to finish the book it barely has any words or proper meaning ) follows ” the quest archetype ” pattern. the quest archytype will be provided and i think you can find gilgamesh by david ferry online or even the entire summary is fine as long as you follow the requirments.

along with the ” quest archetype ” which will be provided, i will also provided the requirments and rubric which you should follow by steps. please it is really important that you follow the requirements that i will provide in a picture!

for gilgames — ” ” heres a link to the book just register and click the first borrow button and read from 3 to 81, legit barely and words on info on it.

the quest archetype is like a full circle that has 7 stages.

please please read the requirements properly and follow them all.