write an essay on the remediation strategies used to combat benzene contamination

The Remedial Strategies section of your term project addresses emergency response and remedial treatment processes for the decontamination of polluted media that’s been polluted with the chemical benzene. The Transformation section of your report could serve as a guide here as natural transformation processes often present a sound basis for devising engineered treatment schemes. Material covered in Modules 5-7 is essential for this section. Biochemical reactivity is also highly relevant here. Indigenous natural organisms offer an excellent starting point for bioremediation. Although costly, recent advances in molecular biology may also be of great use here. For example, in recent years genetically modified organisms have been successfully used in bioremediation of a variety of contaminants (e.g. petroleum hydrocarbons). Use this Journal to reflect on key aspects of the remediation of various contaminated media (air, water, soil).

In an approximately 250-word entry, respond to the following:

  1. Based on your contaminant’s physical, chemical, and biological properties identify contaminant containment strategies. Comment whether some of these strategies are applicable for emergency response.
  2. Identify physicochemical and/or biological processes that can be used as part of remedial schemes for the treatment of contaminated, air streams, groundwater, and soil.
  3. Compare and contrast in-situ vs. ex-situ treatment schemes.
  4. Comment on non-technical factors (social, cultural, economic, environmental) that may influence your decision to prescribe remedial processes.

Attached within is my group members paper from a previous course pages 9 thru 15 provide a great length of detail and resources for this essay