• Choose one of the following topics, and write a well-developed essay with at least five paragraphs.
  • Type “FINAL EXAM” at the top of first page with an originally developed essay title.
  • Students are not required to cite secondary sources; however, students may cite up to three sources in the essay (must apply current MLA format).
  • Remember: Your essay must be MLA formatted. Microsoft Word documents (.doc or .docx) are required.

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* With the completion of another semester, college students often find themselves looking back and wishing they had altered their habits or behavior for their own benefit, especially when their grades, health, or finances see negative impacts. Often times, students have “I should have” moments once intervention is too late. Consider some of your habits and routines this semester. Would any of these practices be considered “bad” habits? Write an argumentative essay convincing other students to break a particular habit that is harmful to their physical, emotional, or financial health. Be sure to include specific points that explain why or how students should break this habit.