Please write a research essay about Tmobile’s marketing strategy and how they market their brand, please use

, picture, image to prove your point and use at least 5 sources. Thank you!

Here is the instruction:

Research aspects of T mobile’s history, competitors, evolution of branding, significant previous campaigns / agency work, and any other relevant aspects. This info can be gathered online and via interviews / email exchanges with current and former employees of these companies. Next, keep a journal of when and what marketing communication tools you are exposed to from them (and for comparison, their competition) during the time

our course.

with a photo, screenshot, or video link of each tool that you see along with the date. Begin by spotting what you can in the wild, then after that brief period start actively engaging with the brand on its site, in search, its email lists, on social media, etc. Be thorough and exhaustive in trying to expose yourself to all of the


. You will then provide your assessment of their communications strategy and how the items you tracked in the journal support (or don’t support) their strategy. This assignment is 1500 words maximum; other pages of your journal with indexed evidentiary materials are as needed beyond that.

This project will be evaluated on (score 0 to 5 for each aspect):

1. Quality of writing (grammar, syntax, clarity,

; proofread to be mistake-free)

2. Thoroughness of brand research

3. Thoroughness of journal aspects (documentation of current ads, interactions with current marketing, etc.)

4. Applies concepts, terms, and theories from course readings, discussion, and guest speakers

5. Quality of analysis of brand strategy

6. Quality of recommendations for improvements