This is a short (3 page) response paper to a film(s) and its relationship to historical trends and issues in the film industry. The purpose of this assignment is to connect material that we have covered in class with the contemporary media environment.

Papers should have a reasonable font (12 point) with 1” margins. You may include images at the end of your essay (although they do not count toward the page total). These are not intensive research papers but do require at least one or two outside references, which you must cite in your paper. Any evidence of plagiarism will be referred to the Office of Academic Integrity.

Questions: Marsha Orgeron discusses how fans learned how to identify with stars in the 1920s through fan magazine contests and celebrity marketing strategies. Fan culture is still critical, but has adapted to a changing media context – in the article, “Gender and Queer Fan Labor on Tumblr: The Case of BBC’s Sherlock,” what does Diana Anselmo say about fan-produced artwork and content that engages with and helps promote Sherlock? What are some of the problems Anselmo identifies with this form of fan labor? Are there other examples of fan communities that are engaged in similar kinds of practices?