The prompt:

What role does karma play in Buddhism? Who does it affect, and how does it affect them in this life, the afterlife, and the next life?

Here are the following instructions from my professor:

There will be a final paper of approximately 2000 words (about 6-8 pages), double spaced pages to be submitted on the day the paper is due on a topic to be chosen by the student. You should provide at least six peer reviewed sources to help substantiate your points throughout you essays. Just as with the Mini Essays, you must use Chicago Style and footnotes for references. At the beginning of your essay, please write out fully which prompt you will be writing about, as sometimes it is not always clear for me as a reader.


  1. Your essays will be graded on the following criteria:
    1. a) evidence that the factual material called for in the question is presented and documented;
    2. b) coherence of the essay in organization and structure;
    3. c) ability to engage critically and analytically with the topic
    4. d) evidence of creative thinking;
    5. e) correct annotation of sources and presentation of bibliography;
    6. f) correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

    I will attach a example mini essay I have completed in the class for an idea on how our submissions should look. 😊