By Day 7 of Week 10

In an 8- to 10-page paper written in APA format, analyze and evaluate the data collection tools and processes you collected during this Module. Be sure to include the following information:

  • Your research questions
  • An explanation of the data collection and analysis processes you used, with your choices explained
  • Samples from your tools and the data processing you used
  • Results and some interpretations of your data analysis— these will be extremely limited due to the small number of participants
  • Challenges or surprises that arose during the data collection and analysis processes
  • Your reflections on how and why things worked or did not work, and your next steps
  • A reflection on how this Assignment informed your plans for your proposal
  • An explanation of how you may alter your questions or protocols based on your results
  • Amendments you plan to make in your data collection and analysis processes based on your experiences
  • Citations and references for the supporting literature and resources you uses in your explanations
  • A draft IRB practice pieces file (found in the Course Toolbox) as an appendix item

Note that your before and after data collection instruments should be appendix items for this Assignment.