u s labor unions have faced some important challenges to building a powerful movement including employers anti unionism pro business government policies and a divided working class

This is a 5 pages writing assignment. The Works Cited page (see below) is not included in the 5 pages.
Please use the standard format for papers: 1″ margins on all sides, 12 point font (preferably Times New Roman)
For this assignment, use only assigned readings, videos, or instructor lectures.

Your paper will include the following elements:

1)Your paper will start with an introductory paragraph, including a thesis statement at the end of the paragraph. The thesis statement for this paper will relate to the particular theme that you have chosen to write about.

2) Each of the subsequent body paragraphs should follow a logical progression and be in direct support of your argument. Support your points with specific examples from the reading assignments, videos, and instructor lectures. When quoting material in your essay from any of these sources, insert the citation into the appropriate place in the paragraph in a parenthesis. For example, if you are quoting material from page 32 of the textbook, use the following format:
“In just over thirty years of industrial growth, a modern working class and a new business elite had emerged in a nation that had once been dominated by farmers, merchants, and small-town artisans” (WBA, p.32)

Here are examples of citations from the textbook and other sources:

  • Quote from the textbook, Who Built America? – (WBA, p. 421)
  • Quote from an assigned article with an author – (Brecher, p. 141)
  • Quote from an assigned article without an author – (Post-War Backlash, p. 150)
  • Reference to a Video – (Rosie the Riveter, Class #13)
  • Instructor Lecture – (Slott, Class #12)

3) You will complete the essay with a concluding paragraph which restates/summarizes the thesis statement in the light of the evidence which you have provided in the body paragraphs. You may also want to draw some lessons from the argument you’ve made in terms of our current situation.

4) Finally, include a “Works Cited” page at the end of your paper (this page does not count toward the total length of your paper). Examples:

  • Rosenzweig, Roy et. al (2008). Who Built America? Working People and the Nation’s History, Volume Two: 1877 to the Present. New York: Bedford/St. Martin’s.
  • Jeremy Brecher, “The Great Upheaval”, in Boris, E. and Lichtenstein, N. (2003). Major Problems in the History of American Workers. Boston: Wadsworth/Cengage Learning.
  • Rosie the Riveter (Video, Class #13)