trump increased his tariffs on china here s what they are and how they work

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Here are some notes I have taken that you can include in my paper:

What does this mean?

  • There is a dispute over intellectual property
    • China makes all the stuff we buy
      • For example, everything we order on Amazon for the most part comes from places like China
      • China manufactures significantly cheaper than we do.
      • Manufacturing in the US does not exist
  • The president is saying he wants to take on China
  • When you try and bring a product to China when you are an American company, they steal your technology (intellectual property theft)
    • Trump says NO MORE
    • China should not be able to send all these products here so cheaply
    • He wants to bring manufacturing back to the US but it does not work that way
  • We need to get tuff with China
  • Obama had the transpacific partnership where we partnered with other countries and said let us take over China and find where they are vulnerable and push them to say they can’t just be stealing out technology and you have to make this fair
  • Lots of products like shampoo, clothing are going to go up in price
  • It affects us citizens
  • Raises from 10% to 25% on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods
    • Could effects so much since it comes from China
  • An average family size of 4
    • Tariffs could cost them an extra 767 dollars a year
      • Because companies now have to pay more for what they import from overseas