Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 400–600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.

Read the following scenarios, and choose 1 to be used throughout the course. You will be the Project Manager for your selected project.

Scenario 1: Information Technology Project

Please note: This course requires use of the Microsoft Project 2010 (or later) software application. The 2010 version and those released later are similar and suitable for the assignments. Please note the software is not compatible with Mac computers. The course requires a project management software application and in alignment with industry standards, CTU uses Microsoft Project. If you are using a Mac, you must find a comparable project management software tool such as Project Libre, OpenProject, or SmartSheet. Students who use a Mac should consider the best option to alternative software or use a PC with MS Project. An Internet search for “Project alternatives for Mac” will provide many of these options. You are expected to review the options and determine the best for success in the course deliverables. Communication with your faculty member early in the course regarding this issue or any others is strongly recommended.

Project management software such as Project 2010 allows project managers to input data related to the project and monitor the project’s progress. One of the first activities that a project manager performs is to determine the project scope, which is the description of the final deliverable of the project. Once the scope has been defined, project managers can determine the work breakdown structure based on the work needed to the performed in the project. The tasks to get the work done are input into the project’s schedule. In Project 2010, the tasks can be input prior to creating the work breakdown structure. Please check with your instructor if this SW is required and to learn about the options to acquire it.

There are two options on how to obtain a copy of MS Project:

  • Option : You may access 30-day free trials at the following locations: MS Project (for Windows users), Project Libre (for Mac users; Windows users should be able to use this as well), or SmartSheet (for Chrome Book users).


You are a new Project Manager working for a small college in the Western United States called Western Technological College (WTC). Your manager, the IT Department Director, has asked you to develop the project management plan using MS Project. The IT Department Director knows that you are taking a class on Project in your undergraduate program and thought this would be an excellent opportunity for you to learn how to manage a project using the software.

The project has a deliverable of upgrading all of the classroom computers in the Business department. The college has 5 classrooms in the Business department, and each classroom has 25 computers. All 125 computers will be replaced with newer all-in-one desktops with touchscreens. The vendor has been determined, and you will work with this vendor to upgrade the computers.

The scope of the project involves replacing these computers and getting new desks to accommodate the new desktops. Newer software will be added to the computers, including an updated operating system. College staff members will have to be trained on the use of the new computers and the software. The training will include live training and hard-copy training materials.

Scenario 2: Construction Project

You are a Project Manager at a small construction company in the Eastern United States called Eastern Construction Company (ECC). The company is overseeing the development of a storage building for a state road maintenance agency. Your manager, the Program Manager at ECC, wants you to manage the project of the storage building construction using MS Project. The Program Manager knows that you are in a class and are learning how to use Project.

The project deliverable includes the construction of a 50′ x 50′ storage building shell. The building will have a foundation, four walls, and a roof. Electricity will be added to the building to include overhead lights and 5 outlets on each wall, for a total of 25 outlets. A 20-foot-long roll-up door will be on the building. Each of the 3 other walls will have a regular door and a set of windows.

ECC will perform all of the construction, to include the concrete foundation, the walls, roof, doors and window installation, and electricity and lighting. The scope includes all of these components. The project will not include interior painting or flooring; these items are outside the scope of this project and will be added later.

Assignment Details

Identify the scenario that you have chosen for this class, and then answer the following questions relative to the scenario you have chosen:

  • Using the CTU Library or other sources, research the software tools JIRA, Rally, ServiceNow, and MS Project. Define each, and explain what these tools are best used for.
  • Describe the scope of your selected project and what the final deliverables will look like. List the deliverables in bullet points.
  • What activities or tasks will be needed to get the work done in your project? List as many as you can think of. You will need these later to complete your Individual Project assignments.