Final ProjectStudents will complete a project/paper due at midnight on Monday, April 29thin module 16. Develop a comprehensive crime control strategy for a specific crime problem at a jurisdiction of your choice (county, city, college, security company, etc.). Research and determine a current crime problem. Use the SARA model and create suggestions for new or improved programs. Report your project in a paper of at least 1500 words (not counting cover page, abstract, and reference page) in APA format. Use the textbook, the crime control policies interactive modules, and at least two other sources. Include the following:

•Examine and report on crime statistics and qualitative description of theproblem.

•Research and report any existing literature to identify crime prevention strategies that reduced similar problemselsewhere.

•Research and summarize the current law covering the crime in your chosen jurisdiction and offer your opinion of alternative ideas or explain why the current legislation is fine asis.

•Use terms/lessons from at least five of the interactivities and bold these terms one time in the paper to assist with grading. Cite the interactivity used in the body of the paper and list it on the referencepage.

oIntroduction (Give a thorough description of what you will be covering in your paper)

oScan (justify through your research that it is a big enough problem to devote the proper resourcesto)

oAnalyze (describe the deep root of theproblem)

oRespond (remember to respond to legislation, police, andcourts)

oAssess (how you would assess your responses to see if they areworking)

oConclusion (A brief synopsis of the results of your project and what might still need to be considered or investigated further, ifanything)


I can email you the book, it couldn’t be uploaded here because of its size.