1. Origins of the Cold War:

o What agreements were made at Yalta at the beginning of 1945?

o What impact did they have on the Cold War?

o Who was George Kennan and how did his ideas shape US Cold War policy?

o What was the Marshall Plan?

o What was its impact on the Cold War?

2. The Early Cold War:

o What happened in Berlin in 1948? How did this impact the Cold War?

o How was the Korean War an example of US Cold War policy?

o How does the ‘Red Scare’ reflect the Cold War in America?

3. Vietnam:

o What is similar and different about the Vietnamese D of I, and the American D of I?…

o What charges does Ho Chi Minh make against the French and Japanese?

o Are these similar to those of other independence leaders?

o Why did the US decide to get involved in Vietnam?

o Why was the war so difficult for American soldiers?

o What was the Tet Offensive and how did it impact the Vietnam War at home and in Vietnam?

4. End of Cold War and its After Effect:

o What was the policy of détente? Why was it implemented? With what results?

o How did President Reagan change the nature of the Cold War?

o What was SDI, and how was it instrumental in ending the Cold War?

o How did the Cold War end and why did it end this way?

o What impact has the Cold War had on our world today?