Select one of the following essay topics:

1. Explain Borgmann’s distinction between “things” and “devices” as well as what he means by “focal practices.” Analyze Michelfelder’s critique of Borgmann’s view. Illustrate the tension between these views through your own example. Interpret how might care ethics help address this techno-moral problem? Raise a strong objection to your view and respond.

2. Why does Faulkner think women are underrepresented in the field of engineering and other STEM fields? Explain the ways she says technology can be gendered. Analyze a children’s toy that you think breaks the association of masculinity with technology. Can toys such as these change the masculine culture in technology fields? If not, what else can do this?

3. Explain (a) why Jonas says modern technology increases our moral responsibilities; (b) why Jonas is against anthropocentric ethics, and (c) how Jonas revises Kantian ethics. Next, interpret how Jonas might address a drastic, far-reaching technological problem.* Be sure to explain how the solution to the problem is consistent with Jonas’ moral imperatives from (c). If you disagree, then explain why and propose a better solution. If you agree, then raise a strong objection to your view and respond.

*(Your example should concern a technological problem with drastic consequences that extend deep into the future, threatening not only humans but perhaps also animals and the environment. Jonas’ examples are environmental/planetary destruction, animal rights, and the possibility of prolonging human life for hundreds of years, but feel free to use your own.)

4. Explain what McGinn means by the “troubling triad.” Illustrate this using a contemporary example. Interpret how McGinn might address this problem. If you disagree, then explain why and propose a better solution. If you agree, then raise a strong objection to your view and respond.

5. Explain why Harding says science is a cultural product. Next, explain Kuriyama’s critique of Harding’s view. Then, compare ‘scientific’ practices from two different cultures.* Interpret how we should compare these scientific practices so that we minimize cultural bias.

*(You are welcome to compare eastern medicine with western medicine, but you are also welcome to use your own examples. If you use outside sources for the example, then be sure to cite them.)


  • 3 pages minimum (4 pages max)
  • MLA format: 12-point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1-inch margins
  • Please only consult the class readings/films and cite using MLA format
  • o Works cited page + in-text citations (Author ##).

    o… o

  • Avoid using long quotes to fill space
  • Be sure to explain all key terms

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