Tactics (4Ps) – professionalessaybuddy.com

Tactics (4Ps) – professionalessaybuddy.com

Right now me and my group mates are playing the “marketing place” game. There is total 8 quarters and when we were at 5 quarters, we have wrote a report and I did the tactics part- which talked about the 4Ps. Now, we finished all 8 quarters and should rewrite the report. I will give you the 4Ps that I wrote from last time and i want you to help me update the 4Ps( because we have added more cities to open the office and created more models of computers) Also i can give you the professor’s suggestion to rethink the part. I will give you the account and the password that you can see the information and the data in the game. And I will attach the previous work that I did for last time.

Here are some information and professor’s advice:

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We brought back S-3 because it was actually a really good selling computer- it is now the “low-end” version for our desktop. Model X is now the “high-end”

X- is upgraded model S-3

Y- upgraded E-2

  • Product: we want to keep trying to improve our products, so our products in the next couple of years may be completely different than what we have now
  • Price: talk about initial prices (around $3,500 for desktop and $3250 on average depending on region) and why (investing in R&D and new tech) our prices have changed
  • Place: Distribution strategy: In theory, we would like to be “selective” (in-market strategy) for the traveler and “exclusive” for innovator. But with the expansion of cities, it would be silly not to just reach for both distribution strategies.
  • Promotion: how do we find out how to spend money on advertising? Say, look at sales for each region to predict that.



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