Reflection essay–It’s for a writing class; use simple English only

Assignment overview

Suggest a particular theme for a roughly month-long unit that you think the instructor of this course should adopt in a future semester. This theme should have something to do with the broader idea of justice or social justice, as we explored in our reading of Michael Sandel earlier this semester.

Be as specific as possible, and tell us why you think this theme is relevant, valuable, and potentially enriching. Make the case for it. Tell us how your idea or theme connects to the broader idea of justice or social justice. (But keep in mind that the idea of justice or social justice is very, very broad and could encompass just about any theme—if you successfully make the case for it.) Tell us what you know about this idea or theme and what you want to learn about it.

Treat this as a proposal of sorts, and use invitational rhetoric to present your ideas.

You may use the first person “I,” but think carefully about the structure of your proposal.

Don’t worry about offering an overly-wrought introduction or conclusion, but do think about paragraphing and arrangement.


600-900 words (roughly 2-3 pages, double-spaced)


Worth 50 pts., or 5% of final grade.

I will be looking for clear writing; connected writing; a sense of purpose; originality and boldness of thought; engagement of the self with the proposal and explanation; good grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence variety, and coherent paragraphing—all the things that make for good writing.