Based on what the paper I will give to u and write the last two sections.

Section : Strategy Selection (QSPM)

Identify what you believe to be the best two strategies and complete a QSPM Matrix for your organization. Each selected strategy must be specific and fall into one of the Strategy Categories discussed in class (see Strategy Categories). Explain your reasoning for each.

(Grading will be based on the formatting and accuracy of the data and the reasoning for each)

Section : Conclusion and Recommendations

1.Based the strategies developed in the previous section, discuss which strategy (select the best based on what you believe is the best course of action for your company).

2.Describe any actual or potential Ethical Failures with each of the strategies and how these may be mitigated. Keep in mind that most of these companies operate globally.

3.Write a conclusion that summarizes your findings from this analysis and discuss the feasibility of your strategy recommendation.

(Grading will be based on depth, quality and originality)