statement on student behavior in school

On May 13, 2019 around 12:50, Dee text his mom stating he was sick and wants to go home. At 12:53, I received a textmessage from Mrs. B asking if Dee was really sick. I stated no, because Dee has not said anything tome or the para’s that he is sick.Drew text his mother eveyday stating he does not feel well because he does not want to ride the bus.

I turned to Ms. Hall and show her the message. Ms. Hall then stated, as soon as I walked out of the classroom, Dee started pouting. I talked to Dee about sending a text to mom stating he doesn’t feel well. I told Drew if he wasn’t feeling well, he needs to let me know and I will contact mom. I told Dee to put his cell phone away. He got upset and turn his desk over. He looked at me and put his middle finger up and said, “Fuck you.” He then punched the door with his fist. After that, he went into the hallway and turned over a student wheelchair. I called an administrator and Drew went to ISS.