You need to choose and answer three of this five questions. Write a cohesive argument of 500-600 words that engages the course materials and class discussions, for each of the three questions you choose.

Exam Edit one

1 – Explain the main features of the capitalism mood of production. How it works to reproduce exploitation and inequality. And specify the roles of ‘accumulation by disposition’ in the capitalist production, you might give some national and international examples.

2- Explain how and when the ‘self-desiring subject’ as a concept was produced in western societies and how that was aligned with different mood of production/consumption in these societies. And drawing on Cindi Katz (2016) explain how the social production of gender relations works to reproduce the conditions of production in contemporary time.

3- Explain how ideology works to reproduce the structures and relations of inequality, specify some main institutions that have a main role in the reproduction of ideology in society, and explain in more details how mass media and social media in specific reproduces discourses and relations of poverty.


Cindi Katz “Social Production”

Please answer 500 words for each.