social science final essay

Final Exam Essay

It has been a distinct pleasure introducing you to the “tip of the iceberg” of US history up to the Civil war. Use all of the social science skills you have learned in this course for both completing the final exam and in your future. Follow the directions for writing a Social Science essay. Incorporate Taking Sides, lecture, text and documentaries into your response to support your thesis. Be creative when taking a position and avoid 1st person, using quotes as a source of authority, and broad based generalized statements. The final exam for this course consists of your ability to response to a question associated with validity of a statement made by Fredrick Douglas in relationship to the American Civil War.


“The cry of Free Men was raised, not for the extension of liberty to the black man, but for the protection of the liberty of the white.” –Assess the validity of Frederick Douglass’s statement with regard to the cause of The Civil War.

Please open and read the 3 pdfs attached to this document. (Directions, example, rubric)