Short answer questions –

Short answer questions –

Please respond to each question and upload your work by midnight of Week 8. Prepare a reply to the following essay style questions. Replies to each question should be at least 1 well written paragraph but no longer than 2.

1.)Define Domestic Terrorism and International Terrorism. What are the major differences?

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2.)Describe a Weapon of Mass Destruction and list the three most common categories.

3.)Describe the terms NIMS and ICS. Explain how these systems are used in managing large scale events,

4.)Define and Describe the PATRIOT act.

5.)What is the Uniform Crime Report, and how is this helpful in tracking hate crimes?

6.)Discuss some of the special problems with prosecuting Hate/Bias crimes.

7.)Define the term “Racial Profiling”, and explain how Law Enforcement can avoid being accused of this?

8.)Explain what “Community Policing” is and how it can assist Law Enforcement in reducing crime.


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