Instructions: You must answer essay questions 1 and 2 (see below). Question 3 is Extra Credit

Read the whole question before answering. I recommend outlining the essay before writing it. Your structure should include proving your thesis statement as well as writing about the class materials. Use the class readings as evidence to support your points. Points for the final will be given when you use the readings to support your points. This is not an opportunity to use examples from your own experience or opinions but rather to show that you did the readings and can use them in an essay.

  • You must quote (with quotation marks) and cite (APA) the materials you use.
  • Essays must be between 600 to 800 words each — 1.5 to 2 pages minimum but no more than 3 pages.
  • Use the readings from the class as evidence to support your points. Make sure you use EXAMPLES from the readings to illustrate your points.
  • Essays should have a short introductory paragraph, supporting paragraphs and a short concluding paragraph.
  • You must have a thesis statement or guiding statement for each essay.
  • Sentences need to be clearly written and understandable.
  • Check your paper for spelling and punctuation – errors will result in points off.
  • Documents should be double-spaced and use 11 or 12 point Arial or Times New Roman font.

Grading: You will be graded on the following (in order of importance):

  • answering the question
  • using class reading materials
  • providing examples and citations for materials
  • structure of essay including having a thesis statement
  • clarity of writing
  • making connections between the readings
  • proper citation
  • lack of errors (good grammar, no spelling errors, no typos)

Essay Questions (you must answer 1,2):

1) We did a lot of readings around sexuality and race. In your opinion, what is the relationship between sexuality and race? In what ways do we see the relationship between sexuality and race and different forms power? Take three readings from the class to support your opinion. (12 points)

2) Using different readings from Question 1 (above), discuss the relationship between sexuality and power. You should choose ONE area to exemplify the relationship between sexuality and power — some examples to focus on are: sexual identities, gender identities, sexual violence, education, media, interpersonal relationships, politics, pornography, or sports. You must use the readings from class to make your case of how sexuality and power fit together (13 points)

Extra Credit:

3) What is Foucault’s understanding of power? How does sexuality fit in to some of the other topics discussed in class? Pick at least 1 reading from the class (other than Foucault) to illustrate Foucault’s theory as it relates to sexuality. (5 points)