In Module 9 of this course, you will produce a brief research document(My topic is: The trends of carbon dioxide emissions per person in different countries in recent decades) about the subject of your data collection and analysis.

The resources that you will use include the Hunt Library and/or the following databases in order to gather data that you can analyze for your own hypothesis test. Review these websites and their respective databases at this time for familiarity.

Data Resources

Access the following websites to see what kinds of data are available:

Video Steps to Complete the Assignment

View the YouTube video on how to select the appropriate statistical test.

Utilize these videos to assist you in judging assumptions:

Assumption Guides

Be sure to explain how your data meets these assumptions and perform the applicable tests in StatCrunch.

Research Document

Using the decision tree provided in this activity, create a document that presents a synopsis of your problem statement, hypothesis, and statistical test that you will use (this is a mini-draft of your final paper). Explain the type of data you have decided to use and the assumptions of the test (for example parametric vs. non-parametric).

In an effort to curb plagiarism, ERAU provides instructors with Turnitin, an anti-plagiarism tool. Be sure that your work is original – review the plagiarism policy in the course syllabus. When you submit this assignment, it will be automatically screened by Turnitin. Turnitin will compare your writing with a database of millions of other written works and checks for originality versus plagiarized papers (even patch-quilt plagiarism). You will be able to view your originality report.

Save your assignment using a naming convention that includes your first and last name and the activity number (or description). Do not add punctuation or special characters.

Submit your assignment by the seventh day of the module week.



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In a separate document complete the following:

present your hypothesis test and your conclusion based on the results.

Start by presenting your research and null hypotheses. Discuss the data and statistical test type, and then you can copy/paste your results from StatCrunch. Finally, state if you reject/fail to reject the null hypothesis and what this means.

When providing feedback to others in this thread, let each other know whether or not you clearly understand the conclusions.