You are permitted to collect data from any source including off the web; however, you must be the ones who decides on the analyses and puts the analysis and the data set together.

Good projects begin with very clear and well-defined hypotheses. You should think of questions that interest you first and then provide an adequate description of the methods and design of the study. You should make use of the concepts and methods learned in this course, and not just general knowledge, in planning and completing this type of project.

Project Submission

Each member of the same group should submit an exact copy of the final PROJECT with all group members’ names listed on the top by the due date. Your project should include the following:

1- What are the main issues or problems you planned to address?
2- What were your plans for obtaining background information (if needed) about your project?
3- Describe the data that you planned on using or collecting, including the variables measured.
4- What questions and/or concerns did you have about your project?

You will be graded for the following characteristics:

Consistency: Did you answer your question of interest?
Clarity: Is it easy for your reader to understand what you did and the arguments you made?
Relevancy: Did you use statistical techniques wisely to address your question?
Interest: Did you tackle a challenging, interesting question (good), or did you just collect descriptive statistics (bad)?

Your project should address the following points:

Statement of the problem: Describe the questions you address and any key issues surrounding the questions.
Data collection: Explain how you collect data. Include any questions you asked. Also, include response rates.
Analyses: Describe the analyses you did. Be ready to explain why you believe these methods are justified.
Results: Present relevant descriptive statistics. Include tables or graphs that support your analyses.
Conclusions: Answer your question of interest.
Discussion: What implications do your results have for the population you sampled from? What could be done to improve the study if it was done again? What types of biases might exist?

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