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Student paper down below:

Describe the difference between a policy and a law and provide an example of each.

Law is an ordinance devised to be enforced to protect the community and serve the best interest of the community’s prosperity. A policy is developed within businesses to structure and create a culture to ensure the legislative and judicial laws are followed through planning and regulatory services.

For instance, laws can be used to enforce wages through Federal Labor Standards or 1983, creating minimum wage. State laws can also increase the minimum wage law by a state by state basis.

However, wage increases based on credentials and evaluation process can be developed through policy as an addition to the minimum wage The additional policies must fit the guiding laws provided by the EEOC and legislation.

Does a company policy override a local, state, or federal law or does a local, state, or federal law override a company policy? Provide justification for your reasoning.

The Federal Law provides a minimum standard the company must follow, the State can, “Override,” the Federal by supplementing to the minimum, and the Company can, “Override, “ both the State and Federal by supplementing to both requirements. Most companies have increased requirements to ensure the Company has provided their due diligence to meet all requirements.

Research and describe an example of an incident when a company broke a federal, state, or local law. What were the consequences of breaking the law? What policies did the company change because of the incident?

(Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. Lowe’s Companies, Inc. is a case/ law suit where a disable employed was demoted after 4 years and his paycheck was cut by over $4.00 an hour at the Company of Lowes.

U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington v. Lowes Companies is a case/ lawsuit based on sexual harassment at Lowes; Lowes paid out over 1.7 million dollars.

Lowes has lost a large sum to law suits and settlements; the money lost has driven the company to re-evaluate how employees can report harassment and training for management to prevent legal issues.