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I found it interesting how Christianity is unique and how their focus is that Jesus is the savior of all humanity and how the religion is dependent on Jesus’ death. And how his death symbolized humanity in everyone and those around them because they believed humanity was fallen and sinful that needed to be restored. Jesus was the one chosen because he was known as and seen as divine and perfect and no other human had so he was the one who had to sacrifice himself to result in resurrection. And another major concept was salvation and how grace ties into this because Christianity gives grace to those to have a type of extension for their sin. A majority of Christianity believes a trinity of deity which are God the Father, Deity of Jesus and the Holy spirit. I find it fascinating that the bible was in fact written over a course of 1100 years and how there is no original manuscript that is still remaining to this day and they went off oral regards to what people had said happened during these times. The video of Case for the Resurrection of Christ was very interesting because there are people who believed that he did in fact resurrect while others do not believe he did. So the different information he talks about the different arguments that people believe do allow people to think about what is being said.