You will provide a brief description in which you identify a Second World War topic that interests you, and a particular question that you wish to answer about that topic.

This work need 6-8 pages with double space.

And you have to write a proposal, the require is below.

In terms of length, your brief description and research question should be expressed in a short paragraph consisting of approximately four to six sentences.The proposal also must include a preliminary bibliography of at least four published scholarly sources(books and academic journal articles) for your research. At least two of your four sources must be books.

The most important thing is this is a History research essay, so you have to use History essays style to finish this work, and the bibliography require.

The Specific requirements is in the materials, you can find the proposal require and research essay require in the materials.

You have to read and remember the require carefully then finish the work, this work is really important for me, if the work are not follow the materials i will Request a refund.

The history essay style template is in the materials.