Read the case and analysis it –

Read the case and analysis it –

1. Read the case study: Closing Case: The Ebola Challenge

2. Please FOLLOW this format/outline for your case analysis:

A) Identification of the Problem, Main Issue, OR Learning Point of the Case

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B) Situation Analysis

C) Recommendations and/or Conclusions


3. Maximum number of pages for case analysis: 2 (single or double-spaced okay). Make sure to include a list of citations/references

4. ASE GUIDE QUESTIONS: (to help with your analysis)

1) As CEO of a leading pharmaceutical firm, how do you respond to Dr. Margaret Chan’s (Director-General of the WHO) statements that the pharmaceutical industry is primarily “profit-driven” and had failed to invest in the development of a vaccine or cure for Ebola?

2) You are a shareholder of a pharmaceutical firm that announced its new investment to develop an Ebola vaccine and that as a result, your dividend would be reduced, would you support or not support the firm’s decision to spend your money to combat Ebola? Explain your answer.

3) Take the role of a US government official. What would be your recommendations to incentivize pharmaceutical firms to develop an Ebola vaccine?


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