• Initial response due Thursday at 11:59pm
  • Respond to TWO classmates due by Saturday at 11:59pm

Answer any three of the questions for your book.

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Questions for Cuckoo’s Calling

  1. Who do you think the killer is right now?
  2. Who do you think is being honest in the story so far?
  3. Do you think Lula’s multiple calls to her uncle, Tony Landry before she died were significant? If so, why?
  4. Do you think any of the characters we have met were really friends with Lula or were they all just interested in her fame?
  5. How do you think Lulu got her expensive jacket? She implied she had the means to get it herself – how do you think she earned it?
  6. Do you believe Bristow or do you think that Lula did actually commit suicide?