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A national homebuilder builds single-family homes and condominium-style townhouses. The accompanying dataset provides information on the selling price, lot cost, and type of home for closings during one month. Complete parts a through c.


Click the icon to view the house sales data.

a. Develop a multiple regression model for sales price as a function of lot cost and type of home without any interaction term.

Create a dummy variable named “Townhouse”, where it is equal to 1 when Typeequals=“Townhouse”

and 0 otherwise.

Determine the coefficients of the regression equation.

Sales Priceequals=106,207.34106,207.34plus+(3.683.68)times•Lot

Costplus+(negative 75,101.57−75,101.57)times•Townhouse

(Type integers or decimals rounded to two decimal places as needed.)

b. What is the predicted sales price for either a single-family home or a townhouse with a lot cost of $29 comma 20029,200?

b.1 The predicted sales price for a single-family home is $213,663.34213,663.34.

(Round to the nearest cent as needed.)

b.2 The predicted price for a townhouse is $138,561.77138,561.77.

(Round to the nearest cent as needed.)

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