Please write a paper about Grading California in several areas. –

Please write a paper about Grading California in several areas. –

All the in instructions is posted in the following images.

Paper #2: Grading California

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Research and discuss California’s performance in three areas. You may choose from the following list of quality of life indicators for your three areas, or request a different area by contacting your instructor:




Poverty Rate

Debt & Spending

raffic Management

Leisure/Social Time (work-life balance)

Infrastructure and Road Maintenance

Conservation of Natural Resources

For each indicator:

Award CA a letter grade of A. B. C. D. or F. This should be for the entire state no just for the bay area. You may also comment on the Bay Area if you wish.

-Describe why CA received this grade from you, and cite any sources used Use at least one source per topio

Do not just copy rankings from a website. Explain and defend the ranking you give, and fact check! In other words, use sources to back up any facts or laims that you include, and do not simply write your opinion.

If you award CA a grade of C or below, briefly (in one to three sentences) describe:

– What new and different strategies CA could implement in order to improve their standing in that area, and why those strategies would help.


– Describe why vou think the government should not get further involved If you award a grade of A or B, briefly (in one or two sentences) describe CA’s main reasons for success in this area

In your conclusion:

Award CA an overall grade based only on the three indicators you chose to discuss Do not include other indicators in this decision


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