PED212 physical education quiz, health and medicine homework help –

PED212 physical education quiz, health and medicine homework help –

1. Asking a child to form the shapes of letters of the alphabet with their bodies is an example of a physical education task that reinforces knowledge from _______________. (Points : 1)  communication



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 language arts

Question 2.
2. In the history of American Public Education, which of the following has NOT been a goal of public education? (Points : 1)  preparing students for higher education

 enhancing competitiveness in the global economy

 preparing students to be future leaders

 preparing children to be good citizens

Question 3.
3. What are the three fundamental needs that need to be supported in order to motivate students to participate in physical activity during physical education class time? (Points : 1)  morality, creativity, problem solving

 self-esteem, confidence, achievement

 competence, relatedness, autonomy

 understanding, participation, identity

Question 4.
4. Which of the following is NOT one of Piaget’s four major stages of cognitive development? (Points : 1)  sensorimotor


 concrete operational

 abstract operational

Question 5.
5. Which of the following is the BEST way for individuals to improve overall bone health?  (Points : 1)  To participate in weight-bearing activities.

 To swim.

 To do 120 to 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity.

 To improve cardiorespiratory endurance.

Question 6.
6. During which stage of play do children seem unconcerned with what others around them are doing? (Points : 1)  solitary play

 parallel play

 onlooker play

 unoccupied play

Question 7.
7. Which stage of play does not involve children using the same materials? (Points : 1)  onlooker play

 parallel play

 associative play

 cooperative play

Question 8.
8. Which of the following is one of NASPE’s components for quality physical education programs? (Points : 1)  inspires lifetime activity

 better academic performance

 promotes a healthy lifestyle

 uses meaningful content

Question 9.
9. Understanding growth and development allows one to (Points : 1)  progress from simple unskilled movements to highly complex motor skills

 select appropriate tasks for children in the early years and during their time in school

 interact and develop relationships with others

 help accelerate children in their cognitive development

Question 10.
10. Which of the following examples would BEST promote physical education programs among the community? (Points : 1)  having parents participate as volunteers during fitness testing

 leaving physical education classes open for observation

 conducting a parent/student bike ride which travels through parts of the community

 establishing after school activity programs for students


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