outside speaking critique 2

this is the video that the critique is about

these are the questions you should answer ‘

1. Was the attire appropriate for the target audience/Venue? If so, explain why

2. How was the vocal delivery, articulation, diction, pace, rhythm, vocal projection & vocal variation?

3. Did the speaker have effective and enhancing gestures during their presentation?

4. Was there a particular moment in the presentation that stood out to you? If so, Why?

5. Did the speaker have emotional variation in their performance/speech/presentation?

6. Did the speaker have motivated movement/effective body positioning in their


7. Was the speakers connected to the audience and have good eye contact during their

presentation?yes, she connected with the audience the whole time and had good eye connection.

8. Was the speaker credible on the topic? If so, explain why.

9. Did the speaker have excessive vocalized pauses? Ummm, errr, uhhh, ect. no,

10. Did the speaker use their visual aids effectively? (Answer if applicable)

11. How would you rank the speakers overall performance/presentation from 1-10?

give good details.