Outline of the topic and how the paper should be written is attached in separate file.

My three concept Diversity, motivation and organizational communication importance towards organizational behaviors.

The paper should begin with an introductory paragraph, and include a discussion of the three selected topics (OB concepts), reflective analysis and conclusion. For each selected topic, you will define and describe the concept including the theoretical background, link it to your experiences, and discuss how you will transfer learning to implement the concept in your professional and/or personal life. A key element of this paper requires you to reflect on the impact learning OB has had or will have on you and your effectiveness.

The paper should be specific; your grade will be determined on how well you demonstrate understanding of key concepts and their impact. You are encouraged to use specific examples to illustrate key points While the focus of the paper is on your personal learning, insights and real world applications, it must be grounded on course concepts, include appropriate citations and a Reference page.

For each of the three topics you choose to discuss:

  • Define and briefly describe the concept (topic) and why it is important in OB; identifying major theories and/or theorists as appropriate
  • Connect the concept with your experiences outside the classroom and discuss how your thinking and/or behavior has or will change.
  • Describe how you will transfer learning and implement the concept; be specific about the impact of thinking and/or behaving differently
  • Reflect on your learning and why this concept has or will enhance your professional and/or personal effectiveness