one page essay due today before midnight eastern time –

one page essay due today before midnight eastern time –

Option 1: Population Health, Public Health, and Community Health Nursing Describe population health and the relationship to community/public health nursing. How has the development of population health been influenced throughout history? Where do you see the role of nurses in the future of population health? What role does Healthy People 2020 play in population health?

Option 2: Epidemiology and Communicable Diseases

Tuberculosis (TB) rates have increased worldwide. A local prison facility has just completed their yearly TB screening of inmates and employees. The screening program resulted in identification of 3 inmates and 2 staff members with positive Mantoux tests. In your post: Discuss the associated causality, risk, and current rates of prevalence for Tuberculosis in your community. Explain the linkages between epidemiology and communicable diseases What placed these inmates at high risk for TB? Identify which government agency must be notified immediately. Discuss what would be the next nursing action for both those infected and not infected

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A peer reviewed nursing journal article must be used. All in APA


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