need help with canvas discussion post 10

There are 10 questions here and i need half page answer for each. Its canvas discussion post statistics class.

-On a certain statistics test, the professor said that 90% of the students scored better than average.  Discuss whether or not this is possible.

-Which disaster is more likely and why?

1.  A large flood in Japan in which more than 1000 people die.

2.  A large flood in Japan caused by an earthquake in which more than 1000 people die.

-Suppose that in a random sample of voters, 70% favor gun control.   Is it okay to then say that 70% of the population favor gun control?  Why or why not?

-Discuss the empirical rule for the normal distribution and how it can be used to identify when something is weird.

-You have a 30% chance of winning a certain bet.  You keep playing until you win.  What is the chance that you lose the first ten bets? What is the chance that you never win?  Explain your reasoning.

-Your chance of winning the Mega Millions lottery jackpot if you buy one ticket is 1 in 303 million.  Each week you buy a ticket.  How long will it take you to win the jackpot?  

-70% of police officers eat donuts.  You see someone eating a donut.  What is the probability that this person is a police officer?

What additional information, if any, do you need to determine this probability? 

-If you toss a coin 1,000 times the average (mean) number of heads equals 500, yet the probability that you will get exactly 500 heads in 1,000 tosses is about .02.  Why is this?

-A public opinion poll posted on Facebook will estimate the percentage of people who don’t like taking opinion polls.  Is this a good way to administer such a poll?  Explain.

-A frustrated freeway driver says, “Whenever I get on the freeway, I always wind up in the slow lane!”  Explain why or why not this might be true.