Module 01 Project – Planning –

Module 01 Project – Planning –


Barbara was recently hired as a regional manager for the Urgent Care Clinic Organization (UCCO). One of her first tasks is to compile a strategic plan for the executive committee to review. The overall goal of the strategic plan is to identify specific actionable items that can better position the clinic organization.

For this assignment on UCCO, complete a minimum 2-page summary to explain why the organization should devote time to planning and why a strategic plan is needed. 

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Visit the Rasmussen online Library and search for a minimum of 2 articles (attached)covering the topics What can a healthcare organization accomplish with the strategic planning process? 

· What would you recommend as areas of focus for Barbara’s strategic plan?

· Discuss how Barbara can achieve a balance between historical and current topics in healthcare? 

o How should she apply them for her strategic plan?

· What type(s) of primary and secondary research would you recommend Barbara conduct? What are the benefits? Explain.

· APA formatted reference page and in-text citations.


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