MGMT356 MSU Planning Strategy for Success in Business Essay –

MGMT356 MSU Planning Strategy for Success in Business Essay –

The first step in planning your strategy for success in business and in life is to identify your strengths. You did a little of that for your opening introduction and you will expound on it more in the assigned essay.

Your essay will be a minimum of four pages – based on the Strengthfinders videos that you have been watching over the past few days. You will identify five “yes that’s me” strengths and three “no not so much me” areas that are not the first things that come to mind in describing – YOU!

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You will provide an example, illustration or story about a time when you used your strengths or an occasion when someone else noticed your area of strength. You don’t have to describe the “not so much you” areas of non-strengths. This exercise is meant to get you better acquainted with the areas where you shine so you can start planning around the shine.

20 points for a well written essay with 5 strengths and examples and 3 areas of “not so strong”

-5 points for less than 5 strengths or if you fail to provide an example for each of the strengths.

-5 points if there are GLARING errors in grammar or spelling. (This is professional development so if you need help with writing, please make an appointment at the writing center.)

Have a good time with this exercise. Show your shine – this is YOUR LIFE!!


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