Marketing research and information –

Marketing research and information –

Write about Product Design for Sweets of Oman SAOG located in the sultanate of Oman and prepare a marketing research report focusing on any research problem related to marketing like product design, product testing, product pricing, product packaging, market segmentation, marketing communication, consumer behavior, consumer preferences etc.

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the marketing research principles, processes and its application. you are required to develop a comprehensive marketing research. Topics covered will be:

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1- Introduction:

a. Background of the problem

b. Statement of the problem

2- Methodology:

a. Type of research Design

b. Scope and definition

c. Data collection method

d. Data collection procedures

e. Scaling techniques

f. Questionnaire development

g. Sampling techniques

3- Data analysis and interpretation:

a. Organisation and data presentation

b. Analysis and Interpretation of each data

4- Findings and Recommendation:

Findings and Recommendations based on the results and the objectives of the study.

5- Appendices:

Copies of questionnaire, interview schedule, interview guide, interviewer instructions, etc.

** Total word Count = 2500 words Only.

** In-text Citation and References Using Harvard Style.


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