Now that you have completed your feasibility report for your assigned real estate site, you will look at the other group’s report on the same site. You done part of the work of a property developer. Now, to take the role of an investor in a proposed property development. Your group is clearly familiar with the property site and market. Your task now is to critique the other team’s proposal. Your report critique should answer the following points USING CLEARLY IDENTIFIED SECTIONS FOR EACH QUESTION (each question should be your section header):

3.The marketability study:

a. How does the marketability study adequately support the proposed project relative to the target markets needs and wants? Explain how the study is complete and persuasive? Why AND why not? Be detailed in your answers.

4. The development budget and operating proforma:

a. What is your analysis of the capital budget? The operating proforma? i. Do the budgets – capital and operating – seem to include all relevant line items? Which are missing? Which are extraneous?

b. Why or why not are the assumptions reasonable? Provide specific examples for your reasoning.

c. Why or why not do the investment returns seem reasonable – and achievable?

d. Are the calculations mathematically correct?