Please see the below the 3 questions that I would like to have answered. 1200+ word count/ 3 scholarly sources one or more sources per paper, each paper can be 400 words which i source per paper. **NO PLAGIARISM WHATSOEVER**

Case Summary

Ques.1. List five reasons why news consumers are turning to social media during disasters. Does the fact that people are now using social media in place of 9-1-1 require response agencies to change the way they monitor and receive calls for help? In what ways?

Case Analysis

Ques.2. Why is situational awareness so important?How can an emergency operation best collect and analyze incoming information during a response effort? Discuss the various information sources available to emergency managers.

Executive Decisions

Ques. 3. Identify and discuss the basic steps that the communications team takes to design and implement a disaster preparedness awareness and education campaign.

Textbook and Reference is attached below:

Haddow, G.D. and Haddow, K.S. (2009). Disaster Communications in a Changing Media World, 1st ed. Butterworth-Heinemann.