integrated standards based activity

Assignment Content

  1. Create a content area activity aligned to your state (Maryland) and national standards for a K-6 grade level. Consider the following as you create your activity:

    • Examine your state (Maryland) and national content area standards and identify the standards you will address in the activity.
    • Examine your state (Maryland) and national reading/language arts standards and identify the standards you could integrate within this activity.

    Create a 8- to 12-slide multimedia presentation for peer-coaching other educators. Include the following in your multimedia presentation:

    • A brief description of the content area activity you created
    • A list of state and national standards supported by the activity
    • At least three critical issues affecting content area literacy at the elementary level, along with a description of how these issues impact elementary teachers
    • At least six characteristics of effective literacy teachers
    • A rationale addressing the need for content area literacy skills in our 21st century society