The culture is regarding to puerto rico culture specifically. Writing a culture between Chinese and Puerto rico on the different values, economics, family system, so on and so forth.

This is a semester long project, most of which will be the conducted out-of-class. You will pair with another student in class. You and your partner should be unfamiliar with each other’s cultures and should belong to significantly different cultural groups, if possible. (e.g. different nationalities, ethnicities, or religions). You will take turns introducing each other to your own cultures–have a discussion based any of the concepts we’ve covered in class. Additionally, but not required, you and your partner may attend a festival, visit a temple, or simply go to a restaurant specific to your culture; and then conduct a similar activity specific to your partner’s culture. During this intercultural contact, ask each other questions-interview one another- to gain an insight about the culture and the event or activity you experience. Write about 500 words about what you learned from the exchange.