Individual Assignment Spring – Fundamentals of Business and Organizations (BUSS 1002) –

Individual Assignment Spring – Fundamentals of Business and Organizations (BUSS 1002) –

A- Interdiction , conclusion.

B- references Harvard style

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D- when you finish from my assignment i have to submit in turnitin and that website its looking or searching in my assignment words if i taken from any resource of ( internet, students , books, newspaper …) so you have be careful in that to not become higher then 5%

* i will attach the file also to see clearly. please go through the question.

Individual Assignment Spring 2018

Module: Fundamentals of Business and Organizations

Instructions to Student:

  • Answer each question correctly and within a word limit of 500-750 words.
  • Submission form: Softcopy to be submitted through Moodle at Turnitin.
  • Late submission shall be penalised as per the norms of MEC mentioned in the Module Information Guide.
  • Plagiarism policy is as per the MEC guidelines as mentioned in the Module Information Guide.
  • Proposal to be submitted in Week 9 via Moodle.. This will carry maximum of 10 marks.

Read the caselet given below and answer the questions of the assignment.

NASMA Telecommunications LLC is a technology based IT and Communications Solutions Provider and Systems Integrator. NASMA is principally involved in providing integrated IT and communication solutions to various industries including Energy, Oil and Gas, Utilities, Telecommunications, Government, Banking and Finance, Industrials and Health Care. NASMA offers its clients a comprehensive range of advanced technology IT and communication solutions to suit various application and requirements involving the followings:

  • Telecommunication Backbone Systems and Infrastructure
  • Networking Infrastructure & Security, Video, Voice, Data and Specialized Systems
  • Data Centre
  • Servers, Storage, Converged/ Dynamic/Virtualized Infrastructure
  • Audio Visual Solution and Collaborative Working Environment (CWE)
  • Safety & Security Solutions Ø Software Applications

In addition, NASMA, with its partners, have systems and products that can provide solutions and services in Process Control and Management for Oil & Gas and Energy markets. NASMA holds a team of highly skilled and motivated people with a broad range of experiences, focused on providing cost effective, innovative and reliable solutions engineered and supported locally. NASMA is committed to its customers and intends to be the leading solution provider and systems integrator providing advanced and cost effective solutions, engineered and supported locally.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider and high-integrity partner for IT and communications solutions engineered and supported locally enabling to achieve organizations vision and goals.

Our Mission

To be the leading solution provider and systems integration and go beyond by delivering the highest value to our customers, employees, suppliers, and shareholders, providing innovative, advanced and appropriate solutions, enabling organizations to deliver their business goals and building long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

Core Values Teamwork.

We work as one team in a collaborative environment. We know that everything accomplished relies on the skills, integrity, commitment and dedication of our employees.

Effective people.

Right people doing the right job. We offer challenging, fair, and rewarding employment for our employees and set high expectations for performance. We seek to create an environment where people become dynamic, creative and can make a difference allowing them to realize their full potential.

Honesty & Sincerity.

We do what we say we will do. Everything we do reflects a commitment to the highest standards of personal and corporate ethics.

Rewarding Relationships.

We believe in developing & adopting long term partnerships; focusing on creating values and trust by understanding the fact that relationship building is a process not an event.


Take ownership and responsibility; we understand your requirement and deliver high quality service by leveraging the resources and know-how of our business.

Figure 1.0. Organizational Chart of NASMA

From the above case information and figure 1.0, please consider the following tasks (minimum of five sentences per sub-topic discussion for credit of minimum passing mark, therefore, student is expected to discuss more).Student has to read and research on related company brochures and website for more information. Student can also refer to other Oman companies in similar industry for data collection.

Q1.Identify and discuss four (4) activities in any two functional areas (as shown in figure 1.0)of the

company. (30 marks)

Q2.Identify and discuss two recent development on operationsofthe company.

(10 marks)

Q3.Should expansion be considered by the company, please identify two internal and external

sources of additional funds. (10 marks)

Q4.List and discuss two recruitment strategies of the company. (10 marks)

Q5. Discuss two marketing initiatives of the company related to any two of following marketing activities:

(10 marks) a. Promotion

  • Pricing Strategy
  • Distribution Strategy
  • Product Features Strategy

Submission Guidelines Max. Marks: 100

  • Total words count should be 2000 – 2500 words.
  • The report should contain:
    • cover page, which indicates title, names of students, name of the professor and date and place of submission (students can use provided template);
    • table of contents;
    • introduction, which discloses the goal of the report, indicates objectives, explains the main methods and data used for the research, briefly describes structure of the report;
    • discussion, description of main points with proper in-text references;
    • conclusions that reveal main findings regarding each point and challenges faced during completing the assignment;
    • list of references (using Coventry Harvard style of referencing), minimum of five, mix of journals / books / related websites;
    • appendices if needed (appendices are not included in the main report words count);
  • The report should be done in Word, font size 12, font style Times New Roman, text color black, colors can be used ONLY in appendices; main body of the report should be black and white.
  • Report should be submitted through Moodle ONLY on time, any delay will lead to deduction in total marks.

Plagiarism Policy: Plagiarised documents, in parts or whole, submitted by the students will be rejected. However, if the plagiarism is found to be accidental the student may be advised to re-submit the work only once within one week from the date of rejection. A penalty of 25% of the total marks on the specific coursework assessment component will be imposed on the re-submitted work. If the re-submitted work is also found to be plagiarised the student will be awarded a zero mark in the respective assessment.

If the work submitted is found to be intentionally plagiarised to gain an unfair advantage in any form, such work will be automatically rejected and a mark of zero will be awarded.

If the student is found to consistently submit plagiarised work it will be dealt with seriously and may warrant suspension for a period or expulsion as may be recommended by the committee set for the purpose.

LATE SUBMISSIONS: Penalty for late submission – 5% of the maximum mark specified for the assessment is to be deducted for each working day for a maximum of one week.

Note: Must follow assignment instructions.

Note: Marks awarded are provisional until approved by the exam board.

Evaluation Criteria Marks allotted

Proposal 10

Introduction: goal and objectives are clear, data sources and structure of report are outlined. 6


Identify and briefly discuss four (4) activitiesin fourfunctional areas of the 20


10 Two recent development on operations of the company

Sources of finance with discussion 10

Two recruitment strategies 10

Two marketing initiatives of the company with focus on any two of the 10

following:a) promotion; b) pricing strategy; c) distribution strategy; d) product features strategy.

Format of the report (title, table of contents, spelling & grammar, etc.)4

Conclusions: reflect summary of all findings 10

Referencing: Coventry-Harvard style applied, the required standards are met 10(Note: Student is required to include minimum of five (5) references.

Total for individual report 100 marks


Proposal Template

(to be submitted via Moodle in Week 9)

Student Name / ID#


Session: ____________________________________________________________________ Professor’s Name: ____________________________________________________________

Brief discussion about the company (at most 2 paragraphs).

Please provide brief understanding about the case (approximately 300 words).

Plan of action to complete the assessment (how data gathering will be conducted, maximum of two paragraphs).

Timeline and work breakdown (No need for Gantt Chart):

References (at least 5, in CU Harvard Referencing style, this is the last page of the proposal)


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