Use the attached outline doc and read the report details format.

Report Details Format.

The team will produce a report that differs from the presented symposium: The team must provide a unified position on the topic.

Although the report should address and respond to the various individual arguments, the report should do so from the unified position being advanced by the team—not from the varying perspectives presented in the symposium.

Note that there is no one right or wrong position. Use double-spacing, 1” margins, and New Times Roman 12-point font (the font of this assignment).

The report should be between 10-12 pages (excluding the cover page, bibliography, and appendices).


The team report must include at least twelve credible sources from referred journals (not Wikipedia, although it is a good place to find some references; scroll down to the bottom).

Bibliography. The bibliography should follow APA style.

Documentation Style. Use APA report formatting to include  Title page, table of contents, page numbering, etc.;  Correct in-text (aka parenthetical) citations—whether the information is quoted, paraphrased or summarized; and  Third person point of view; 4 Visual Aids. The report should include at least three visuals, which are correctly integrated, formatted and sourced.