i need to write a anthropolgy paper on the boo race becomes tommorow

  • Describe the contents of the book (what the book is about, topics it covers, etc.). However, you must also provide an analysis of the book: what you think about it? Do you want others to read the book? Is the book not worth a reader’s time?
  • What’s the structure of the book? (e.g., how many chapters, sections or parts, etc.)
  • Highlight important features of the book (new perspectives, unique or distinctive insights, etc.)
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of the book (e.g., readability, writing style, impact, appeal to target audience, contributions, etc.).
  • Is the book appropriate for a first year undergraduate student like yourself? Why or why not?

Note: I expect you to know the difference between a general opinion and an informed opinion. You book review should not be based simply on what you feel; everyone has an opinion on just about everything. But what is the basis of their opinion. Your informed opinion is based in evidence. You evidence is the text of Race Becomes Tomorrow or some other relevant book or article.