how has technology changed in cars specifically tesla cars

you NEED to include the forces from the book the inevitable by kevin kelly.

you will need to talk about tesla cars and their new technology has changed or improved compared to regular cars with their features . compare the changes to the 12 forces kelly shares in his book. compared For this essay you will have an opportunity to explore some of the ways in which technology is changing the way we do things. This may allow you to look closer at an issue we’ve covered, or examining something we haven’t. You may choose to write about a form of technology (a device, program, tool, website, app, etc.) and the different ways it has affected (or will affect) change in the way we do things.Or you may focus more closely on one of the technological trends explored in Kelly’s book to convince your reader of its role in shaping the way we do things like work, play, learn, buy, eat, communicate, etc. My hope is that you present a solid argument that demonstrates your ability to engage in the current conversation around the technology-related topic that you want to know more about. While the prompt may seem to be broad, you are being asked

to choose something narrow and specific. Even though I feel that providing you with a list of possible topics might cause you to limit following your own interests, here are some general questions you may wish to address:

●How is this specific form of technology or trend changing the way we do things?

●How is this technology or trend affected the way people respond to real-life situations?

● In what ways is your technology or trend working to “disrupt” a particular industry?

●How are people working together using certain type of technology to effect change?

●How is this type of technology changing human behavior and relationships?

●How does this technology work to allow people to work together ?

●What are some of the main ethical concerns related to this trend?


●MLA format

●Page range: 5-8 pages

●A thesis that clearly states your argument

●Consideration of the structure of body paragraphs, clearly relating back to thesis

●Strong supporting evidence for your claims from at least 5 credible sources, one of which can include Kelly’s book.

●Clear explanation for how your evidence supports your claims

●Counterarguments to opposing views

●Careful consideration of the views of your readers (find common ground)

●A conclusion

●Works cited page for all references