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Help Writing this Paper –


Evaluate organizational culture and its impact on behavior within organizations.

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Scenario Information

An American Internet Technology company has merged with a Canadian Social Media company. Because of this merger, performance is not as optimum as the executives would have hoped; morale is low, and stress is up. The new company has decided to hire you as an Organizational Development consultant. They have tasked you with finding out the issues and what they should do next to get back on track.


Now that you have secured your role as an Organizational Development consultant, you have been tasked with designing a change process to aid the change in culture because of the merger. The company has asked you to develop a change plan to help them make the transition.

The following should be included in your plan:

  1. Introduce corporate culture and its importance on employee behavior.
  2. What are some of the key factors in improving company culture to be an effective organization?
  3. What would be some of the challenges in the implementation of your plan?
  4. What would be some of the tools you would use to manage the corporate culture change?
  5. Conclude your plan with a brief inclusion on the compatibility of values, ethics, and goals of the change process and corporate culture.

Your change plan should be in written form, and in a business, professional format.



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