GOAL: To learn about and inform and educate the audience about the business competition presented by key firms in the assigned country.

!!! Think about all of these from a GLOBAL BUSINESS perspective !!!

  1. Executive Summary (1 page) – Treat like an Abstract
    1. Introduce country we are given
    2. Introduce the industry we have chosen
      1. Give a short statement about the business and competition in this industry
    3. Introduce the three firms we selected
      1. Give a short statement about why these three firms were chosen
      2. Provide a short list of strengths and weaknesses of each firm
    4. State what we will be analyzing these firms on and what methods of analysis we will utilize
  2. Country Overview (1 page) – BASIC Information about country
    1. Provide an introduction to the geography of the country
      1. Are there advantages and disadvantages to this in terms of business?
    2. What is the political climate in this country?
      1. Are there advantages and disadvantages to this in terms of business?
    3. State the demographics
      1. Provides graphs and statistics
      2. Are there advantages and disadvantages to this in terms of business?
    4. What other important aspects of the country is relevant to a business manager?
  3. Business and Competitive Overview (1 page)
    1. Sine the 3 firms should be in 3 different industries, describe what in that industry is appealing to the local population
      1. What in that industry is appealing to the global population?
    2. Identify characteristics of the business and competitive environment in that country that makes firms formidable in the near future
  4. 3 Main Industrial Competitors (6 pages) – This part of the paper should be filled with facts. Try to keep short since we only have 2 pages per firm. Part C and D should be the most substantial.
    1. Introduce the three firms we have chosen
      1. What industry do they belong to?
    2. Do for Firm 1, Firm 2, and Firm 3 (Perhaps a table for each section)
      1. Mission Statement
      2. Short Company History
        1. CEOs, Ups and Downs, etc.
      3. Products or Services provided
      4. Corporate Identity
        1. Logo, Advertising, Brand Loyalty, etc.
      5. Corporate affairs
        1. Corporate Culture, Manufacturing, Finance, etc.
    3. What are the firms’ Global Ambitions?
      1. How can the products/services, corporate identity, corporate affairs possibly help with that?
    4. What gives these three firms the capacity to become large, ruthless competitors on a global scale?
      1. Provide proof and statistics
  5. Deep Analysis of Selected Firm (12 pages) – Use SWOT/Porters Five Forces/PEST and/or other types of business analysis tools (NOTE: Section broken up to 2 parts. A third of it should be identifying global marketing challenges and two thirds of it about detailed recommendations on how that challenges will be addressed) FOCUS ON ONE (1) OF THE FIRMS ONLY
    1. Identify global marketing challenges (about 4 pages)
      1. Challenge 1
      2. Challenge 2
      3. Challenge 3
      4. Challenge 4
      5. Challenge 5
    2. How to overcome them (about 8 pages)
      1. For EACH Challenge
        1. Method(s) of overcoming
          1. Use business analysis tools for that method

This should total up to 21 pages.

Then we can use 1 page for a cover page.

2-3 pages for Works Cited.

Ending result should be 24-25 pages, which is the maximum!