four political short essay

don’t have to be very detail, but it need to have intro with a roadmap, 3 body and conclusion. make sure answer all parts of the questions. Around 500 words for each one should be fine. do not cite anything beside materials that i provide. Daguerre and smith is attached. WTP will be share by google drive.…

1) In judicial review, which is more important: upholding the Constitution’s principles as they were originally conceived, or to consider how modern challenges might modify decisions? Consider at least one example of a current legal debate in your answer (your choice).

2) Do we need to re-examine the standard for clear and present danger under the First Amendment’s liberties to assemble and protest, or is the current standard sufficient to guarantee public safety? Review WTP and lecture to help answer this question.

3) Explain the differences between means-tested welfare programs and social insurance programs in the U.S., with examples. Which groups in U.S. society were meant to be helped by these two sets of programs? You may want to consider WTP and Daguerre in your answer.

4) There is currently a case before the U.S. Supreme Court that will decide whether or not the U.S. Census for 2020 will include a question asking respondents to identify if they are U.S. citizens. Why is this controversial? Explain, taking the possible consequences for elections into account; you may want to look at WTP and Smith for this.