founding claim and making the thing listed below

The overview of the project is to search the internet for an actual claim. You must be able to site the source where you found the claim. You will gather data, organize it, calculate all vital statistics, represent the data graphically, create a confidence interval, and run a hypothesis test to test theclaim. Each topic must be completed. Each respons should be completed under each topic. Make sure that your study consists of QUANTITATIVE data.

To help you find a claim, you can search the internet for

various statistical claims for Inferentialstatistics. Here are some examples but the following should not be used. Find your own unique


The average wait time in the drive through at Taco Bell is 85 sec.

10% of M&M’s are green

The average cost of car insurance is greater for males than females.


Topic for a Statistical Study

State the claim and site the source where you found the claim.

2.Gather Data:Collect a sample of at least 30 values for your study. More values may be necessary depending on your study. Discuss how you obtained your data in detail and include which technique was used (random sample, cluster, stratified, convenience).


Organize Data:Display your data and organize it. If needed, you can use a frequency distribution. For a large range of values, class intervals may be used.


Descriptive Statistics:Calculate the following sample statistics:

Mean: ______



Variance: ______





Median: _______



Standard Deviation: ______________

Mode: _________



Range: _____



Sample size: ____



Midrange: _______




Graphical Representation:Present your data in one of the graphs we studied. Make sure to label the axes

properly, include a title and be precise. You may create a histogram, frequency polygon, bar graph,or pie graph

.You may create the graph on a computer or by hand

6.Box-and-Whisker Plot:To display the dispersion of the data, create a box-and-whisker plot identifying the 5-number summary. Determine if there are any outliers. Draw to scale.You may create the graph on a computer or by hand.

7.Observation of Data:Looking at your two graphs, describe the data. Discuss if it appears normally distributed, skewed, or any other observations. Using the box-n-whisker plot, discuss the spread of the data.

8. 8.Confidence Interval:Find the confidence interval that estimates the population parameter (mean, or proportion). Show your work when using the formula or state the calculator function if you use your calculator. Use a 95% confidence level.Write a short statement about what your confidence interval shows and what can be concluded.

9.Hypothesis Testing:Complete a hypothesis test to test theoriginal claim of your project at a 0.05 significance level.



Graphical representation:

Test Criteria value (step 2): ______________ Test statistic (step 3): ______________

Decision: reject 0Hdo not reject 0H(circle one)


10.Conclusion:Conclude your project stating what your study showed, any unique findings, and what you learned.

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